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ATTENTION: Our Picralima Nitida is back in stock! This is a Kratom substitute legal in all parts of the world. It is said to enhance the effects of Kratom.

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A Grade - Amber Picralima Nitida

$ 15.00

To learn more about this super-rare botanical, please read : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PicralimaThere have been a couple of other sources in America for this, and I sourced it myself from them, but they...

A Grade - Amber Picralima Nitida

From $ 15.00 - $ 175.00

Picralima Nitida CAPS - Now in Stock

$ 15.00

These are Picralima Nitida Caps.  A better description is available within the whole seed product on our website.

Small Village Indonesian Green "Com" Horn - SOLD OUT

$ 15.00

This is an Indonesian variety that was given to us as a sample.  We liked it so much, that we sourced for more!  It's a Green, and it's harvested by...

C.Pet. Special Order

$ 180.00

all white horn

NOW IN STOCK!!!!!!! Green Northern Sumatran MD

$ 15.00

This product is sourced from an American who lives in Indonesia and runs operations to some degree.  My understanding is that he speaks both languages.  As a fellow American, I...

NOW IN STOCK!!! Red Northern Sumatran M.D.

$ 15.00

This is a Red Sumatran, from Northern Sumatra.  This product comes from an American Vendor oversea, in Sumatra, who oversees the operations to some extent.  I have decided to source...

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